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Flower photos on white background
Florist arranging fresh flowers on black background
Colorful flower arrangement on white background
Colorful flower arrangement on white background

Flowers and one-of-a-kind arrangements you won't find anywhere else.

Photography is integral to any successful idea. A professional photographer can capture the details, beauty, and concept of your project. It’s worth it to hire someone who will be able to create something truly memorable.

Green, plants and flowers photographer. Best-in-class images to picture stunning bouquets and curated plants.

Federica Carlet is a New York-based design studio and photography team lead by photographer Federica Carlet. We specialize in clean, minimal images that tell a story with just enough details to evoke emotion.

Professional picture.

Federica Carlet is a professional photographer based in New York and Italy. Capture the world in its most pristine moments with our clean, minimal style.

Stand out on social media. We're not your average photography and design agency. We use bold and bright colors to match your brand’s image and make your content stand out on social media.

Eucalyptus fresh branch with green leaves
Photo of green and flowers arrangement on a white background
Twig of little pink rosesTwig of little purple flowers on white background
White flowers on black background
Green branch with delicate little pink flowersTwig of fresh tree with green leaves
Hands holding flowers vibrant flower arrangementsHands holding a glass vase with modern flower arrangement